Friday, March 27, 2015

Birthday dishes from around the world at Todai

Today recently turned 4! In conjunction with their anniversary, they have introduced a number of birthday dishes from around the world!

But first, we have the yummy seafood specialties from their usual buffet spread! I don't eat oysters but the crab was so fleshy and fresh!

Sashimi platter - Love the tender and yummy salmon sashimi.

One of the birthday dishes - Oto from Ghana.

Other birthday dishes include familiar ones like "Shou Tao" from China, to others like "Miyeokguk" from Korea and Gollof Rice from Nigeria. Shou Tao means Longevity Peach and Yi Mein means Longevity Noodles! Very meaningful, especially for birthdays!

Rainbow cake! It was my favourite out of all the birthday dishes, perhaps because I liked the cream! The colors are also visually pleasant!

More desserts from the buffet!

One of my recommended buffet restaurants in Singapore for its wide variety of good food!

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