Wednesday, March 11, 2015


Some thoughts!

I was reading some other blogs before writing this and I must say, my writing style is definitely not up to my desired standard. How I wish I could describe things with so much flair and beautiful adjectives too! I often get writer's block and even when I have something to say, I can only manage to churn out two sentences and then nothing comes out of my mind anymore. That's why I don't blog niche topics.... I already have difficulty churning out entries of different variety..... better to not limit myself with only one subject!

Anyway, that day I lost something important and asked bf to check if it's in his car. He answered that I drop my things in his car so many times already that nowadays every single time I leave his car he would always check every gap and slots in between the car seats. Lol.

Me: I think I need a magic crystal ball! (to find out where are the things I lost)
Him: I think sooner or later you will lose the magic crystal ball.



  1. Don't think this way Esther! I love reading your blog because it feels real :)