Saturday, February 28, 2015

Things that 90's kids in Singapore miss

Was browsing fb when I chanced upon this article (90 things that all 90's kids miss) and clicked on it randomly while thinking "meh, one of those lists again... I will just scroll through...."

Then I saw the first few things and immediately thought, "wah! so accurate ah!" Here are some of them, which are quite uncommon nowadays (I think)!


- Ladybird
I had a set of Ladybird books as a gift from my mum's friend, and they were my first books when I was a kid! I remember my maid read it to me and a sentence was "His father LIGHTS a fire". I thought it meant "His father LIKES a fire." Hahaha it was only until many years later when I reread the book and realize the correct meaning.

- Enid Blyton
I remember Enid Blyton was my favorite author and I loved The Wishing Chair and The Enchanted Wood/Faraway Tree series. The stories are usually magical, mystery, and adventurous! I still have the books in my shelf, maybe one of these days I will reread them.

- Sweet Valley High
Whenever I visited the library last time, I go straight to the Sweet Valley section. After that, I moved on to similar books like The Babysitter's Club.

Some other books which I almost forgot till I read the list:
- Bookworm Club
- Goosebumps by R.L. Stine
- Russell Lee and his True Singapore Ghost Stories
- Roald Dahl books

Oh my, all these remind me about how I used to be such a bookworm!


- Pencil cases like this. Nowadays students have cuter stationary like sushi eraser! We used to only have these chunky ones :(

- Stackable pencil – which was really cool, until you lost one pellet and realised the pencil couldn’t be used anymore. Do kids nowadays still use such pencils?

- Blue notebooks

- Autograph books
Bought so many pretty notebooks with little locks and glitter color pens just for this! This is when we learn poems like "Birds fly high, hard to catch. Friends like you, hard to forget", or "Roses are red, violets are blue. I have a friend, my friend is you" Haha.

- Friendship bands
Ahem, somehow the string version of the current loombands.

- OHP projector
I remember that I love to write on the transparent sheets with a marker! Then when exams coming and we had to bring home all the textbooks we chucked under our tables, some of us stored it inside the OHP projector. :x


- Ice Pops
10 cents only!!! Cheapest snack ever.

- Pola snack
Another cheap snack, which I hated. But the packaging.... so nostalgic.

Some other candies and snacks which were quite prominent during my teens:

- Push Pops

- Pez refillable candies

- Wafer Biscuits

- Haw Flakes

- Mamee (now still available easily but I don't think current kids eat it as much as we do!)

Oh anyone remember the spraying candies too?

Games/ Toys

- Bubble balloon

- Waterful ring toss

- Tamagotchi / Game Boy

- Paper flipping game
I almost totally forgot about this!

- Card games like Snap, Old Maid, Donkey and Happy Family

I think we all used to just play using our hands... Like "Chopsticks", "Oh-Pillar-Caterpillar-Lazyboy-Sexygirl-Pingpong-Gotoschool-Playafool-", and one that goes "Liang Xi Mei Liang Xi Mei Liang Xi Mei Chey! Liang Xi Mei Aiyo Shang Nao Jing Oh Liang Xi Mei Chey!"


- "It is now safe to turn off your computer"

- Snake game on Nokia phones

- Discman

- Dial up modems
(When I first started my blog, I only had 10 hours of internet per month ok! I would open up sites and then faster turn off the internet before reading so that I can save on internet time...)

- Video tapes
I had a tape with all the theme songs of channel 8 dramas!


- Neopets!!!

- MSN messenger/ IRC/ Friendster
"Write testi for me can?" Hahaha now we also don't tell people "Eh write on my facebook wall lei."


- Non aircon buses
Gosh, almost forgot about this!

- Old farecards before ezlink
Last time when taking MRT I always feel very kanchiong because I need to insert and grab my card fast enough before the gate close!!

- Bus tickets
Press a button then collect the tiny ticket/receipt which can fold into a heart shape! People always squeeze it into the back of seats!

Others in the list

- 10cent phones

- The Unbeatables
I went to learn how to shake dice in upside down cups without dropping the dice... Wonder if I can still do it now or not... Later I go try!

- Power Rangers
Go go power ranger~~~ the old type of transformers. The actors must be sweating inside the suits! And, even if they change actors for different episodes, we wouldn't know lor. Haha.

- Powerpuff Girls

Others that I thought of...

- Huan Zhu Ge Ge
- Young and Dangerous

One more.... Neoprints! Something all couples have to take together!

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  1. Haha, I can imagine most people would be like how you thought too. Faster grab the mrt ticket and walk through before it closes! It would be funny thou to see everyone in a rush to get pass the gate.