Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Fu Lin Men Restaurant

Was invited to Fu Lin Men few weeks back, located at Jurong Country Club. I almost had to cancel due to some last minute issues at work but I'm glad I finally made it in the end!

We were all treated to a wonderful feast and I was so satisfied at the end of the night! Here are some of the highlights.

The sharkfin soup was my favourite that night. A generous serving of sharkfin in thick and rich soup, very much to my liking! The soup is prepared slightly differently from most restaurants, with pumpkin and carrot in its superior stock. The flavors together resulted in a tasty combination, without any starchy taste at all!

Unlike the usual communal style for Chinese dinners, the plating of each dish in the "Four Heavenly Kings" menu is individual, and very prettily styled!

We all had different sets from the Heavenly Kings Menu recommended by the restaurant, and bf got the one with this cod dish and I looked on with so much envy! He gave me one small slice before realizing it's so yummy that he refused to give me anymore. Hahaha. The fish is fresh and melts in the mouth, exactly how cod fish should be served. After my first bite, I kept looking at his fish until he gave me another small slice.

Fu Lin Men is a Chinese fine dining restaurant where award-winning Executive Chef Roy Tan takes fine Chinese cuisine to new heights with his masterful interpretations of the “Four Heavenly Kings” – abalone, sharks-fin, sea cucumber and maw.

Hence, you can be assured of quality dishes served here.

Who can resist crispy pork belly?

The feast ended on a sweet note with the desserts. The mango sago with abundant fresh mango cubes inside, had just the right sweetness. The hawthorn pudding is a refreshing and unique dessert that tasted like our favourite childhood snack - haw flakes.

I checked out the prices for their set menu and they are all very affordable and reasonable. I think it's awesome for family dinners. It's a pity I live right at the other end of Singapore!

Fu Lin Men Chinese Restaurant
9 Science Centre Rd, #02-01 Jurong Country Club, 609078
tel: 6569 7011

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