Sunday, February 8, 2015


I'm so full now because I just ate two pieces of bakkwa. Having a bit of headache now maybe because of the fullness so I shall quickly update and go back to watching my favourite Taiwan variety show "Kang Xi Lai Le"! Haha.

Some time back, me and bf decided to dine at Concetto by Saveur after I found it online while searching for somewhere that serves fish as I had a huge craving for fish! The food was so yummy that it is now one of my favourite restaurant! I seldom ever want to go back to the same places unless I really like the food, and Concetto has found its slot on my repeat list!

Concetto is located at the ground floor of The Cathay.

The lunch set was so enticing so we went for it!

The concetto pasta was so prettily plated! "Chilled Capellini tossed in lobster oil and seaweed; served with crab and shrimp tartare, finished with lobster foam and ikura". Sounds so yummy already right? To my tastebuds, any pasta with a strong flavour of crab/shrimp/lobster is a winner.

Red snapper for me. I relished every single mouthful of it.

Bf ordered the Kurobuta pork cheek which was so tender and tasty, I am actually very undecided if I should order this or the fish on my next visit! Can I have both please!

Happy me because good food = good mood!

Pistachio Panna Cota for dessert.

I like Concetto so much. It is one of the rare restaurants I know that is affordable and serves quality food.

Wore my floral outerwear from over a black ensemble, paired with a red Prada bag and earrings from Forever21 in Hong Kong! Something different from my usual dressing!

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