Sunday, February 15, 2015

Jamie's Italian

On one of our usual weekend dates, bf suggested Jamie's Italian so we went for a movie before lunch there! The movie ended at around 230pm and I wasn't hungry yet so I said okay when bf said he had to settle some work issues.

I was bored and hungry by 3pm and he decided to continue the work at the restaurant. So.... the point is, we only started eating lunch at almost 4pm because the food took quite a while to come.

Love my outfit that day! Skirt and white top c/o, matched with a bejeweled necklace I bought from!

Very into printed skirts recently and kept buying so many of them! Still love this textured one very much though!

Walked around Vivocity after that and the huge lollipops outside this candy store was so amusing! Hehe.

Went to Haagen Dazs after that for ice cream, and while flipping the menu, we decided to order this one because it looked so pretty!

In this end, this was served -_- Totally don't look like the photo on the menu! Bf's friend came to find us afterwards and we asked him to guess which one we ordered and he looked through the entire menu several times but couldn't figure out which one this was! Hahaha.

We looked around the cafe and the ones that other people ordered look totally like the menu! Guess we ordered wrong thing. Haha.

After that, we went to a popular traditional claypot rice eatery for dinner and had the yummiest dry san lou bee hoon!


  1. Is your prada bag fake...?? :/

    1. Of course it's authentic -_- Who dares to carry fake bags out?