Monday, January 14, 2019

Cebu, Philippines

Few months back, I went to Philippines for the first time. We were initially set for Boracay but was affected by the sudden 6-month closure so we changed to Cebu. I did not have much expectations initially but it turned out so fun!

Our hotel Mövenpick Hotel Mactan Island Cebu was really pretty!

This was the scene that greeted us right at the hotel. Gorgeous isn't it!

Our room~

Had breakfast at the hotel's restaurant. Was craving for french toast so I ordered one on their menu but it turned out more like fluffy cake than bread :(

S booked a private diving session and I followed on the boat.

That night we went to 10,000 Roses Cafe. They charge an entrance fee into this field of lit roses and the cafe is further in. I'm surprised there was quite a crowd! Ironically, the cafe is small and there weren't many dining in. Order the nachos! It is damn good.

Visited a mall too!

The next day, we started our little excursion led by a private guide. We are going whale shark watching! It was at the other end of the island and we took hours to reach there by car.

First, have breakfast!

First time having mango sticky rice for breakfast haha it's more of a dessert dish for me.

Briefing before we go into the waters!

We were led into the waters in these little boats. There were plenty of tourists here! If you forget your swimwear like me, there are bikinis available in stalls near the attraction.

All of us were given life jackets and snorkels so once in the center, we all got off the boat into the cold waters. It was quite an experience because the whale sharks are massive! The crew were feeding so they came very near. It was also quite scary for me to be in the open seas so I was holding on to the side of the boat throughout haha. The braver ones can swim underneath for a better view. The water stink though, so good luck if you accidentally gulp in some water.

After whale sharks our guide brought us back for simple lunch at the same restaurant.

Then he brought us to a waterfall. We had a short motorbike ride in as our vehicle cannot drive in. The slope was quite thrilling!

We also went to Kawasan Falls! It is one of the main attractions in Cebu. Before going, I googled the place and was so excited to go because it looks really beautiful in pictures.

The place is beautiful! The guys did cliff jumping here while we girls just watch cos the waters are really deep! It was really crowded so if you want to get some instagram worthy pictures you have to be there early. 

While exiting Kawasan Falls, there are some stalls along the pathway and we tried some cheese corn and it was super nice!

After that we took a long and torturing ride back to the hotel. I think it was around 4 hours? I was in my wet bikini throughout... can you imagine how uncomfortable it was? We were exhausted but we had a fun and fulfilling day!

Dinner nearby

The next day, it was time for a city tour! We booked a private car to drive us around.

Requested for the driver to drive us to Jollibee!

The next day, Matthew brought us to Rico's Lechon to try the famous delicacy and it's definitely the best roast pork i ever had! It gets sold out early though, but it's a must-try.

All the other food are good too.

Went back to hotel and I had massage at the spa while the rest went for a swim. Shiok!

Lounging by the pool~

That's all for Cebu!

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