Tuesday, December 25, 2018

Merry Christmas!

Set up a little Christmas tree at home!

Planned an early Christmas dinner with the girls in November because we wanted to do it before Fidel delivers but ended up she gave birth to baby Lucian just days before our gathering!

Christmas Menu

Managed to meet Fidel too in Dec!

Another Christmas gathering at home... Such fun hosting everyone!

It was potlock so everyone brought some food over. We had two cakes to finish!

Some small gifts for everyone according to the number they pick.

Adorable Kaysen!

My family came over for another Christmas celebration too! We had a secret santa gift exchange and we all coincidentally got the same names as last year. What are the odds??

Ordered pizza in~

Played Mahjong three days in a row over the Christmas weekend. Looking forward to CNY now so that I can have more Mahjong sessions. Hehe.

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