Sunday, January 27, 2019


Our day trip to Macau was super memorable for all of us because we almost missed the ferry back to Hong Kong. Never thought this could happen to me haha will share more further down this entry!

So we set off from the ferry terminal in Hong Kong! Had our breakfast at Lan Fong Yuen, one of the famous eateries in Hong Kong for their traditional milk tea and pork chop bun.

The food wasn't as fantastic as we expected but still worth the try~

It was our first trip to Macau and due to limited time, we only had two things on our list - Visit casinos and the Ruins of St Paul's.

I've always been interested in Macau because I'm a big fan of Hong Kong movies and the Macau portrayed on the big screens has so much character. Really happy that I could visit it this time because the previous time we went to Hong Kong it wasn't on the itinerary.

Not only the interior is grand, even the exterior was beautiful too! Would be lovely to see this place at night.

After visiting the casinos we took an uber to the Ruins of St Paul's. It took us a really long time to get an uber and we almost wanted to give up visiting it due to time constraint as it was nearing our ferry departure timing. Luckily we managed to get one!

It was so crowded it took us numerous attempts to get a good photo!

Wanted to try the Portuguese eggtarts so we purchased from two shops! 

Ok, so the drama was, it was nearing our ferry departure time and we were still here. We totally chop chop take photos, buy egg tarts, and quickly book another uber. Was so afraid that we couldn't get uber again but end up the same uber driver that dropped us off picked up our booking!

So there was traffic jam along the way and we barely made it in time for our ferry. We ran and ran, "forcefully" cut the long queue at the customs (the officers stopped us but we just ignored them and went ahead omg it's a miracle we were not arrested for defying their orders). Then we ran and ran and ran (suddenly my grandma can run! haha) and the first few of us managed to get stickers for all of us to board just before the counter closed. The moment we stepped onboard the ship started moving. What a close shave!! Didn't thought this will happen to us one day. Haha. So, this was our "highlight" for the trip....

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