Monday, September 5, 2016

Jay Chou Concert!

Redemption of the proposal bribe - Jay chou's concert!

Hahahaha BF bought tickets as part of the proposal back then and it was a long wait but the day finally came! We were there early, so we grabbed dinner at the food kiosks.

Not the best view but better than nothing! It's almost impossible to get good seats for his concerts lor. The tickets sell really fast! Because bf was too slow, he paid Cat 1 prices for our Cat 3 tickets -_-

Thank you bf for the tickets!  ♥ ♥ ♥

The lights finally dimmed! The whole venue was so pretty with everyone waving pink light sticks!

Loved his songs since I was a teen but this is my first time at a Jay Chou concert~ Long overdue yo! Wished there were more time for all his good songs from the older albums, they were clearly the crowd favorites! The best part of any concert is when the crowd start to sing along, For everyone around my age, each of his songs played a part in our youth... At several points during the concert, I felt tears welling up in my eyes because I was so touched about the fact that so many of us in the stadium, from all walks of life, probably shared a Jay Chou memory in our younger days.

If I had to choose one favorite song from his long list, I really cannot.

Here's my ideal Jay Chou set list sorted according to album. Hehe.

1st Jay (周杰倫同名專輯)
- 可愛女人
- 星晴
- 黑色幽默
- 龍捲風

2nd Fantasy (范特西)
- 愛在西元前
- 簡單愛
- 開不了口
- 雙截棍
- 安靜

Fantasy EP
- 蝸牛
- 世界末日

3rd The Eight Dimensions
- 半島鐵盒
- 暗號
- 回到過去

尋找周杰倫 EP
- 軌跡
- 斷了的弦

4th Ye Hui Mei (葉惠美)
- 晴天
- 東風破

5th Common Jasmin Orange (七里香)
**This is the album which I'm most familar with~
- 我的地盤
- 七里香
- 藉口
- 外婆
- 擱淺
- 園遊會
- 止戰之殤

6th November's Chopin (十一月的蕭邦)
- 夜曲
- 髮如雪
- 黑色毛衣
- 楓
- 珊瑚海
- 一路向北

7th Still Fantasy (依然范特西)
- 聽媽媽的話
- 退後
- 菊花台

8th On the Run (我很忙)
- 牛仔很忙
- 彩虹
- 青花瓷
- 陽光宅男
- 蒲公英的約定
- 我不配
- 甜甜的
- 最長的電影

9th Capricorn (魔杰座)
- 給我一首歌的時間
- 說好的幸福呢
- 稻香

10th The Era (跨時代)
- 說了再見

11th Exclamation Mark (驚嘆號)
**Not familiar with this album

12th Opus 12 (十二新作)
- 明明就
- 紅塵客棧

13th Aiyo, Not Bad (唉呦,不錯哦)
- 算什麼男人
- 手寫的從前
- 鞋子特大號

14th Jay Chou's Bedtime Stories (周杰倫的床邊故事)
- 說走就走
- 告白氣球
- Now you see me
- 愛情廢柴

Perhaps I should have attended his concert few years back when he had lesser songs to choose from haha. Honestly I haven't been following him closely enough in the recent years. But I still like him very much!

Loved the interaction parts because he's so humorous! Of course, there was also the classic piano medley part.

Enjoyed myself very much! He ended off the night with 七里香 and it was the best.
Here's a video grabbed from what I posted on instagram that night!

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