Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Japan - Tokyo

Getting the Japan travelogues over and done with so that we can finally move on to other things. Haha. We went to several areas in Tokyo so I shall sum up our time in each with some photos!


Lets start with Shinjuku!

We went to check out the red light district in Shinjuku! But we went during the quiet day time lah. Our guide told us, especially the girls, to avoid coming here at night alone...

You'd see lots of signboards around with the words "無料案內所". I think it is the equivalent of brothels, so don't anyhow walk into one of these shops if you aren't looking for that kind of fun! Haha.

Shinjuku is such a vibrant and colourful place, I'd be glad to visit again if given the opportunity!

We went crazy shopping at one of the local drugstore here. All the cosmetics are priced way lower than in Singapore! I regret not buying more!

Family photo on the streets of Shinjuku, though my morning bloatness is evident here.


We also went to Ginza. It has all the high-rise buildings, modern malls, well dressed businessmen and office ladies. Very "Orchard Road"/ CBD.

Not sure why the bus stops are facing inwards instead of outwards?

Before we went to Japan, everyone warned me to never take the cab there. The fares are so expensive, it could easily go up to SGD50 for a short distance. I was told that most Japanese people will try to catch the last train home.

We had dinner at this BBQ place!

So many types of veggie and meats to choose from!!!

And also pre-cooked food!

They use charcoal for the fire so it was really very yummy. Slightly oily but oh so good.

My sis and mum ordered Kobe Beef to share~ They paid 7,000 yen for this slab, which is priced at 12,000 yen usually. They said it's fattier than usual beef.

Afterwards we headed to a supermarket to check out their local produce! Everything is jumbo sized~!


Another tourist attraction, the Asakusa Nakamise Shopping Street!

Such a pretty street with the blooms!

There are three rows of shops but only the center one was brimming with activity. The rest of the shops are closed!

We did find this shop selling some buns and it seemed quite popular so we got one for ourselves too.

Tokyo Skytree!

It wasn't in our itinerary so we take a photo from afar! Haha.

Then we saw this shop and decided to get it!

It's 330 yen for one. It's tasted like a better quality version of our $1 wafer ice cream. Haha. Nice!

Sensō-ji was at the end of the shopping street so we popped in to have a look too.

We had lunch at one of the restaurants nearby.

We had a private room and it was quite cozy.

While the rest didn't particularly like the food in Japan, I loved it very much! Every meal, there'd be a few small portioned simple dishes - fish, veggie, sides, soup, rice.

Odaiba Seaside Park

This place is beautiful, I got so many great shots here.

Got statue of liberty here! Hahaha.

We went to find food and didn't find any restaurant we fancy at the above mall, till we walked to this one with a huge robot infront!

There is a Japanese food court inside so we took the chance to order some local delicacies to try.

Curry Katsu Rice.

This ramen was the best we had in Japan!! The soup is just the right flavour and I like it so much! I'm very picky about my ramen so it's quite rare for me to say this.

My sister's friend recommended these but I felt they were only alright.

Time for a Tokyo Cruise ride!

The exterior looked quite "futuristic" from the photos in the showroom but actually the interior is just like any other tourist cruise. Haha.


Our accommodation in Tokyo: Keio Plaza Hotel Tama.

Every morning's breakfast view from the hotel.

We are just a distance away from Tama Center Station so it was quite convenient for us to get around. Got a map from the train station on the first night!

Neko Atsume! So adorable!

Sanrio Puroland is just a distance away. Early morning already got a queue before the gates even open!

Walked around and found myself buying so many things in Daiso!

Craving sushi again so we popped by a sushi restaurant near our hotel.

Sushi was quite nice but not as nice as the restaurant we accidentally found in Shibuya!

After our meal, we passed by this ramen restaurant which had very strong ramen aroma and I was so tempted to order a bowl but we were too full already. Plus, our flight is later that afternoon so no more chance unless I come back again~ It really smelled so good!

The supermarkets were so interesting to shop at!

Tama is a nice bustling town, it gave me a very homely feel!

Time to check out! Last breakfast in Japan before we reluctantly return to Singapore...

All the snacks I bought back for my loved ones in Singapore! Their packaging is just too enticing!

Flight home! Till next time! :)

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