Saturday, September 10, 2016

Fiona's Wedding

Was bridesmaids for bestie's wedding almost two months back!

Woke up super early to prepare at her house!

Photo with all the other bridesmaids! Fiona is a lucky girl because she's surrounded by all these friends who genuinely care so much for her!

Got a personalized card and a gift from the bride too! Such a pleasant surprise ^_^

Pretty bouquet of flowers for each bridesmaid to hold.

For one of the gatecrash games we made the groom and his team dance to Xiao Ping Guo. Didn't know that Shannon could actually dance!

The groom finally got his bride! Shannon had always treated Fiona really well and I'm so happy for her. They are truly a compatible pair!

Proper photos after the church ceremony.

Afterwards, the wedding banquet at this gorgeous venue.

Next up in our group to get married is Mai. Can't wait!

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