Tuesday, September 15, 2015


Recently while looking for an additional selling platform for my online boutique Lyra Minn, I downloaded Gumtree's new and revamped app!

All along I knew about Gumtree's existence as Singapore’s number 1 free online classified, but it was my first time selling on Gumtree and I'm honestly very impressed with how simple it is to use the brand new interface! Posting an ad only takes me 3 minutes, plus it's free!

I just need to click on the sell button, take a photo, select the category, input the description and price, and voila, it's up and live! Kaching$$$!

I don't like dealing with the nitty gritty stuff so usually my partner is the one handling all the customer service and sales for my boutique. However, I realize it's actually quite easy using the Gumtree app! I can instantly reply my customers on my phone using the application's chat function, providing instant service for my customers.

I've also been exploring the Gumtree App as a buyer! Navigating around the app to find stuff I need is quick and effortless! Besides pretty clothing, you can also find almost anything with the help of the Gumtree community; from furniture on Gumtree to electronics on Gumtree to books at a bargain price to an electric scooter for sale, find a job or a flat, a nanny for your kids, or a find a language teacher and a part time maid on gumtree!

In collaboration with Gumtree, you can find Lyra Minn's exclusive deals on my Gumtree profile, for a limited time only!

Here are some of the brand new pieces from Lyra Minn recent collections that  I specially selected for this LYRA MINN X GUMTREE collaboration!

Everything at least 30% off the retail price, and nothing above $20!!! Yes, even for new arrivals! Only on my Gumtree profile you can get these exclusive deals!

Don't worry about not having a credit card, because you can arrange for payment and collection at Nuffnang's office through Gumtree!

Download the new and revamped Gumtree App now available on App store and Google Play store, and follow me on my Gumtree profile!

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