Thursday, September 3, 2015

Another Random Line Sticker Story

So after my very boliao story on Line chat using Meow Zhua Zhua stickers, here's another one using a new set of stickers I bought recently, of this violent rabbit called Spoiled Rabbit. I didn't immediately like this set and took me awhile before I finally decided to buy it. For several days, I was very amused with how the rabbit keeps bullying the smiley face. Bf says that he believes the smiley face is the rabbit's soft toy instead of boyfriend, because the smiley face continues to smile no matter how the rabbit bully it.

I especially like this one where the rabbit tries to eat the unsuspecting smiley face infront. Hahaha.

And so, the random story went like this.....

Aren't we over-imaginative? Lol. Later in the afternoon, I sent bf this sticker with the impression to express that I was feeling tired, and he replied me, "You still dare to lie on the scary plush toy?" Lol!

In the end I still find Cony cuter! Haha. This last sticker of Cony running towards Brown for a hug is really extremely adorable! So appropraite to use when trying to get sayang from boyfriend. Haha.

**Yes, he got typo again, should be "the" instead of "tge". Aiya always typo one lah, last time he say is because the phone keyboard spoil. After change phone, still same issue. Told him he needs to take up mobile typing lessons. Haha. Sometimes he sends me a sentence full of gibberish words with extreme typo in almost every word, as though a toddler sat on his keyboard and accidentally sent a message. I had to guess what he was trying to say. That day he praised me for being able to read all his typos. Okay lah at least I got praised for all the hard work. Lol.  

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