Sunday, September 20, 2015

Awesome Day Out!

One of my favourite weekend spots in Singapore, is Quayside Isle located in Sentosa Cove. I love how beautiful and peaceful it is. Nice place to just slow down and relax the day away!

We had lunch at Quayside Fish Bar and Bistro.

Bf ordered his usual breakfast platter.

Since it's called a Fish Bar, of course I had to try its fish! I had the beer fish and chips. Don't really remember if it's good or not because this was in May and I am 4 months late. Haha.

Beverage photos look less boring when there's pretty background. But everytime I take this kind of photo, I feel quite paisei if there are strangers around. Haha. Because really, who would take photos of their drinks like this except instagrammers?

Dressed up in and pretty purple ends done by my stylist Wayne at Zeal Salon!
Call 63330337 to make an appointment and quote my name for special discounts!  ~ 241A Victoria Street, Bugis Village (Level 2, above Burger King near the traffic light between Bugis Junction and Bugis Street)

Bf was so grumpy the entire morning that I got quite annoyed. Luckily, after lunch his mood became better -_-

Went to Ikea to walk walk. They were setting up some new showrooms and on the outside of their partition boards, they had these words. Quite cool of Ikea. Haha.

Afterwards, we met up with bf's friends at Udders~ The decor is quite interesting and funny!

Here are some of the funny ones. There was one which had a piece of tissue for "in case of runny nose", another one with 1 cup of beer for "in case of ugly date" and beside, 4 cups of beer for "in case of super ugly date" hahaha.

"In case of boredom, break glass and sweep broken glass" Lol. Boliao!

I didn't understand this at first till they told me it's "cow bei cow bu". Geddit geddit?

Had icecream while waiting for the rest to arrive!

While waiting, we had these snacks! The spam chips were so good although it's actually just sliced luncheon meat from the can. Haha.

Salted egg fries!!!! Salted Egg Anything = Must Order. Haha.

I had this! Can't believe I managed to finish a plate of grilled chicken with egg AND four pancakes. Leftover a small piece of pancake, because the guys were starting to judge my big appetite. Hahahahaha. To think at first I thought I confirm cannot finish so much! Didn't know I can eat so much lor.

Afterwards we went to play darts!

Very fun leh! Love it when my day is packed with activities! ❤️ Must go out and play more while young!

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