Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Pretty Nonya Kueh Lapis

I had always wanted to make Nonya Kueh Lapis so I researched for recipes online.

Instead of the usual rainbow colours, I did a pink/white version, and I only have 6 layers instead of the traditional 9 layers because my pan is not high enough. Haha. 

My layers aren't very equal, but still pretty lah! Lots of hard work put into steaming this ok! I thought it was going to be easy but I ended up quite late into the night because I was afraid it would be understeamed so I steamed each one for around 10 minutes before pouring the next layer. Then, I also made a terrible mistake of forgetting to check the water in the wok..... It dried up within the third layer or something but I didn't notice till the fifth layer. I was still wondering how come I hear hissing sound and smell weird stuff in the air! While I was frantically trying to pour water into the wok after realizing my big mistake, I accidentally poured quite abit on the kueh lapis pan!!!!! Which means my fifth layer is half kueh mixture half water. Sighhhhh and I was already almost finishing by then! If this ruined the kueh lapis I would be very sad and I don't want to restart everything so I just continued steaming and pouring the sixth layer on top hoping the fifth layer would turn out fine. In the end it came out okay, but abit hard the next day. Must be because I was steaming with no water lor. But at least the taste is nice! And it looks pretty. No more trying to steam kueh lapis myself liao! Just buy from outside easier and yummier lah. Haha. 

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