Friday, June 5, 2015

DBS Marina Regatta 2015 & Scape Marketplace

Last weekend, I was invited to DBS Marina Regatta and I brought bf along! We went straight to the DBS Food Village by Savour for lunch first before exploring the other activities at the event.

Yummy food from Table at 7, Brussels Sprouts, Bistro 1855, with refreshing orange juice from Brewerkz.

Couldn't resist a pretty ice pop afterwards! The design on my thumb is so apt because it's also watermelon! Haha.

After lunch, we saw this milo truck from afar so we walked towards it. Afterwards, I realize I cannot find bf so I went to queue for milo myself. Then I spotted him from the opposite side also queuing for milo! Hahaha.

Some shops selling merchandise~ It was such a sweltering hot day!

Some other activities also include rock climbing and flying fox, movie screenings, cosplay and also a dance challenge which was quite interesting to watch! Check out if you are interested to find out more.

Went to watch some of the dragon boat races against the beautiful marina skyline.

DBS Marina Regatta 2015 will be around for the next two weekends - 6/7 June and 13/14 June.

Wearing one of the dresses I bought from Bangkok!

Afterwards, I went for my IPL session while bf went to cut his hair. When waiting for bf to be done, I went to Cineleisure to walk around on my own and afterwards, the newly revamped Scape Marketplace! It was nice checking out the new curated vendors with wide range of apparels, accessories, beauty products, and much more. Also a center stage where a band played music!

I got a floral passport holder from this stall. So pretty!

Thanks Scape, for asking me down to shop!

Lots of affordable items, I got all these for just $48! So awesome! ❤️ I also shopped some more at Scape Underground and bought two new swimwear ^_^

After shopping, we found this shop called "Pong" selling coconut icecream! Really missing the one I had in Bangkok so much that I decided to try this out! IT IS VERY YUMMY! $5.50 for a scoop of coconut icecream and mango sorbet, with three toppings and coconut meat and some juice. Fantastic.

Bf did some quick search and brought me to Noodle Place Restaurant at Orchard Gateway and we had these for dinner. What a great find! I was torn between abalone noodles or wanton noodles and eventually got the latter, which was yummy! Fresh, plump prawn dumplings are always good and the tasty hot soup was so comforting after a tiring day. Bf's pork rib horfun and the soya chicken also earned a thumbs up from both of us. The service crew were very efficient and polite. Will be back again! Wanna bring my family to try this place too :)

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