Sunday, June 14, 2015


Visited Boufe awhile back! It is a pretty cafe located deep in Phoenix Park. The cafe was bustling and full when we arrived, but luckily we didn't have to wait long for a table.

I like the black and white theme and simple decor. Everything looked so pleasing to the eyes!

Ohvola boutique in the cafe. Boufe: Boutique-Cafe. Geddit? Haha.

We ordered from the Brunch Menu!

I love iced lychee tea! Every cafe should serve this.

I ordered Eggs Benedict! :) The ones here are served on a square toast instead of the usual english muffins!

He had the Triple B because he wanted everything. Greedy! Haha.

讲真的, This cafe is really very insta-worthy. Anyhow snap a photo also will be nice because of the bright sunlight shining in through the big windows, monochrome furniture, and good-looking food. I saw so many photos of Boufe on my instagram feed!

Nice instagrammable photo of our food :D

A rare photo with the bf :)

Wearing floral dress from! I like this piece very much as the material is quite good and it's one of those easy and versatile dresses.

Super heavy rain with numerous continuous lightning and thunder after we left the cafe! Our vision wasn't very clear while on the roads, and it was kinda scary! I felt so bad for people who were walking in the rain. It must be horrible, even with umbrellas!

Watched a movie and walked around after that. Was really tempted to purchase these two tissue box because one is so prettily pink and floral while the other is just too adorable! Luckily in the end I managed to control myself because I already bought a pack of hello kitty tissue boxes just awhile ago!

For dinner, we went to my favourite chompchomp to have all my favourite food! My five must-order in chompchomp are: Chicken Wings, Oyster Omelette, Sambal Stingray, Hokkien Mee, and Sugarcane! Awesome meal for 2 pax, only around $20ish! What a wonderful way to end a wonderful day ^_^

So yep, this is usually the itinerary for our weekends dates... Haha. Lunch at a cafe, then OOTD, then movie, then dinner. Nothing special but I always look forward to us spending the day together!

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