Sunday, June 7, 2015

Laneway Market

(Floral dress c/o Earthdoll, $5 bag from a long time back, $6 wedges from Bangkok)

Got to know about Laneway Market some time back when photos of the cafe kept appearing on my Instagram feed, so we visited it for brunch one fine afternoon! Bf loved the spam fries! I think next time I can just feed him with luncheon meat every day for dinner and he will still be very happy. Haha.

After brunch, we went for KTV and because we were early for our reservation and none of the normal rooms are ready yet, we rented one of their mini rooms at $5 for 1 hour, which comes up to $2.50 per pax. So cheap right! Instead of sofa, the tiny room consist of two high chairs infront of a console, which is actually enough!

I sent this photo of the room to my sis, and she replied "lol, desperate choice ah?" hahahah. After one hour was up, we "upgraded" back to the usual sofa room which we initially booked.


  1. may i know where's this ktv? :)

    1. teoheng at katong. But i prefer the branch at suntec.