Saturday, February 22, 2020


A very tame bacherlorette party for Ruoxuan - we went glamping at East Coast Park!

Jacelyn booked the tent from Wondrous Glamping, and it came with decorations and a dining set up right infront of the sea.

We ordered some pastries from Cedele and original plan was to eat at the dining set up but the sun was too strong and we decided to do it indoors. (But inside also quite stuffy even though there was 2 fans inside...)

Beautiful set up nonetheless! Would be better if there was a portable aircon inside because Singapore's weather is really super hot. Haha. Maybe we should have done this at night.... more cooling.

So Jacelyn and Ruoxuan mentioned the crab linguine at this place is nice so the few of us decided to go immediately after the party!

Such a nice view! It gets romantic at night so must ask S to bring me there one day!

Thank you girls for being so spontaneous with me!

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