Wednesday, February 19, 2020

Vday 2020

For this year's Valentines date, we went to Shangri-La Hotel for dinner at Waterfall Ristorante...

Actually I had a tiring and bad day and almost wanted to cancel but he already paid in full and i didn't want to waste the money. So we went ahead... Lucky we did cos my mood liven up after food.

Started off with Foie Gras on sticks.... Yums.

Next up, Carpaccio of Octopus, Tuna and Salmon. Heavenly! Loved this one.

Black-inked Tonnarelli Pasta. The noodles were too hard to my liking but taste was okay.

Grilled Seabass Fillet for my main.

And ending off with Vanilla and Bitter Almond Parfait, which tasted just like Ferrero Rocher, except with ice-cream inside.

And if you are wondering why no pictures, it's because I actually went to this nice restaurant dressed down with spectacles. Also, my gift this year came in the form of a gift card via email..... is that married life? Lol.

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