Thursday, March 12, 2020

Cny 2020

Gong Xi Fa Cai! 

As usual, chu xi reunion dinner at S home.

I always look forward to Chu Yi lunch at his grandma's place because she always make this super yummy soup + her dishes are all very yummy too. 

Another feast at his uncle's place. 

How can I start the year without a selfie? Haha!

Love my outfit for Chu Yi! I knew I definitely wanted it the moment I set my eyes on it at Montifs and I bought it even though they didn't have it in my size and I had to get it in one size up. Love the vibrant yellow colour and the floral design! I got the same design in black also. Haha. 

Featuring my super cute orange bag from Aforarcade. 

First time trying lobster bakkwa..... nice leh!

Chu Er

Wearing Fashmob.... Love the vibrant print! Bag from Aldo, Heels from the ever favourite Charles & Keith. 

Chu San.... Took so many pics on this day! Pardon the spam. Haha.

Dress from MDS, Bag from Aldo, Shoes from Charles & Keith

Mahjong with the Jishimj group.
This would have been even better if the 7wan change to 6wan. 

Wearing my mahjong tee from AforArcade.

CNY gathering with MM girls

Alvin came over with his gf!

Supper at Jalan Kayu is one of my favourite things to do  haha.

Fiona came over for MJ too! What is CNY without lots of MJ. Haha.
I love my pink glitter tiles and pink mj table :) 

Nad and Jace came over another night for MJ and we all wore our MJ tees. Haha. 

Told them that I haven't had lohei and CNY is ending soon and they agreed to have lohei with me! Hehe. 

Celebrated Nad's bday when the clock strike 12!

That's all for CNY 2020! 

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