Sunday, August 19, 2018

Melbourne Markets

I love visiting foreign markets because it's always more interesting than the local ones we have!

We visited two markets in Melbourne on four separate occasions and each one was a different experience.

The first one we went to was South Melbourne Market, highly recommended by some of my friends. It took us quite a long walk from the casino area.

This is why I love the markets overseas. Everything looks so photogenic it makes me want to buy everything!

We settled at the canteen inside the market for lunch. Even their food court feels more hip!

There are freshly shucked oysters at this market, which seems to be very popular among visitors. However I didn't try any because I'm not a fan of shellfish.

We got back to CBD and saw that there was a Summer Night Market at Queen Victoria Market!

So crowded by evening time!

There were plenty of food trucks at the entrance.

We queued up for some hot jam-filled doughnuts and they were good!

Music performance on stage. The entire event felt like a carnival!

Inside, there are stalls selling crafts and food.

I remember the lemonade to be super expensive like $8 a cup?

There was a stretch of food stalls that caught our attention! Hot piping food is always good!

I love how happening it was! We had an enjoyable time here! It's like pasar malam but bigger and more fun!

Queen Victoria Market

The next morning, we visited Queen Victoria Market and its usual stalls. It was a totally different experience from the Summer Night Market even though it's at the exact same place. Now it feels slightly touristy as the items sold are mostly souvenirs and marked up.

The grocers area was still quite interest, though not as photogenic as South Melbourne Market. This one is more wet market style.

We went to Queen Victoria Market again on another day and this time we also explored the area beside it. Wow, much more interesting and less touristy!

Super cheap leh the meats!!! So tempting to buy but too bad it was our last day there and we didn't need to buy anymore. $8 for a whole tray of pork chops??? Dad and me were quite impressed.

This part of the market was quite havoc with all the manly butchers shouting promotions at the top of their voice.

Ending the post with a nice photo! :) Need to finish my Melbourne posts soon.... I still have alot of travel backlogs! Gotta lock myself at home for a month to finish everything. Haha.

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