Friday, November 18, 2016

Taobao and colourpop

*Original entry on dayre 12 Oct 2016*


These things came in the mail today.

1. My #colourpop buys
2. My #taobao packages
3. My cheques

So happy! Gonna open them now!

Taobao parcel first.

Wah this seller got "letter" one. Although I know it's a duplicate copy sent to all customers, I still read it. Wah sound very sincere sia, very effective lor, how would any of her customer bear to write bad review?

Bought this pair of white heels intended for the prewedding shoot in Melbourne. As it's an outdoor shoot, I wanted a simple and comfortable pair of white heels that's easy to walk around in.

Okay it fits just nice and it's easy to walk in, but it's quite heavy and i know it's one which will give me blisters after 30 mins.... sian :(

Never mind I bought another pair, let's try on that one now!

Ooooh this one is so pretty AND comfy!!!! Love it so much I'm almost considering to wear it for the actual day wedding. Hahaha but no lah the shoe confirm spoil if I keep it for so long. I am wearing this one for the Melbourne prewedding shoot instead.

Then the white one how ah?

Bought these notebooks cos I found them amusing. Haha. I wanna use them at work!

Actually I bought these before. But I don't know where I kept them. So I buy again. Lol.

The rest are just some clothes and a bag.

Bag is a total fail because it turned out soooooo soft when it looked structured in the photo.

Some of the tops have really thin material but it's ok lah, I scored them at only $1.70 per piece. Hehe.

On to the exciting part! Hehe I made use of the recent international shipping promo to get these 5 items.

My first colourpop haul!

The real colour is darker than what I expected but luckily the colour when applied is not so dark.

No filter for this photo so that you can see the real colour.

From top:

(1) viper ultra matte
It's really ultra matte! Dries immediately upon application. It's more matte than any other matte lipsticks I currently have!

(2) frick n frack ultra satin
Love the application! Very smooth and easy to apply.

(3) bumble ultra matte
The brownish tone I was looking out for, only to realise I have a similar color already!

(4) I heart this lippie stix
I still love lipstick type the most because don't need to be so precise when applying. For this I got it in my usual pink tone. This colour never fails.

Funny thing is, all three colours look almost the same on me. Hahahah. I think these dark lippies can last me for quite awhile, no more buying new dark shades! If I ever purchase colourpop again, I think I'd go for the pinks.

I heard many bad comments about colourpop from my friends but it turned out better than I expect. At least easier to apply and more even than some other matte dark lippies I bought before this. Shall see if it's drying after wearing it whole day long!

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