Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Q3 Q4 2016

It's nearing the end of 2016!!

I did Q1 and Q2 updates separately earlier this year but I was too busy to compile the photos for Q3 and now it's already almost the end of Q4 so I might as well join them together. Haha.

Liked this outfit so much I got it in two colours.

I usually only post 1 OOTD snap per outfit but this one looks good in all the photos so I shall post 3. Haha.

Another one, a dress from N12H. I didn't think I would like it at first because it's not really my usual style but the moment I wore it, I loved it! The cutting is perfect. Wore it to attend Anton and Merry's wedding with bf!

Met up with Isaac and Ben again awhile back and we had dinner at this Japanese restaurant because it had such nice photos of ramen on its wall. Kena bluff lor, after we entered, we realize that there is no ramen on the menu! I asked the staff and they said the photos are just for show.... like a Ramen Gallery. -_-

Was craving salmon sashimi so I got this. It was unfresh and I totally regret ordering this.

I ordered Udon and expected bouncy fat noodles but guess what came! I eventually learnt that this kind of noodle is also called Udon but it's really quite disappointing when what I really want is the thicker ones!

The boys said that their unagi rice is delicious though.... They also say maybe it's just me, because I always end up with the lousiest food. Haha.

Went somewhere else for tea and to chit chat!

Gills n Shells... A nice western restaurant at Hotel Boss. They were quite well known for their special dishes such as salted egg pasta and hei bi hiam pasta! I was quite skeptical of the latter at first because I'm not a fan of dried spicy shrimps but it turned out quite nice. Enjoyed myself over good food and interesting conversations!

Accompanied bf to attend Alaina's wedding. So many of his friends got married this year!

Another random outfit on a random day. Dress from EQUIPMENT.

Got my hair freshen up at my trusty hair salon - Zeal Salon, and my favourite mala mian afterwards. Zeal Salon has the best treatments around. Go check it out if you have difficult hair!

Sashimi on rice to pamper myself after a hectic work day.

Surprise for Isaac's birthday.

Wingstop with colleagues.

Bf brought me to Graintraders. Looks like western caifan. Hahaha.

I was craving for snow skin mooncake so we bought 1 to eat on the spot. It was yummy.

Met up with Clare and she introduced me to Teppei at Ion! Generous serving of marinated sashimi on top of sushi rice. LOVE.

Eugene's son's first month.

With the girls for Kiehl's event.

And Bak Kut Teh afterwards with Carrie!

Always up for Bak Kut Teh supper ^_^ The meesua soup really quite nice eh!

Dinner with family at chicken pot.

Dinner after badminton session with bf, Alvin and his friend. All the calories lost, gained back instantly. Haha.

Simple swing dress from Corey Lynn Calter.

Mookata double date with Ruoxuan! It was supposed to be triple date with Fiona but she last minute couldn't make it :(

Eugene, cm and Jaye came over to my office area for lunch one day!

Another dinner meet up with Clare.

MALA MIAN. I keep craving for this. And only the one from this stall. Jialat.

Company lunch at Marche~

Nadia came over to find me for lunch and I brought her to have this at Sumiya! Indulgence max!

Rainbow cakes will always be pretty.

Ending this post here! Actually this post is like a compilation of my instagram photos. Haha.


  1. I don't why you gave me a korean feeling in your last ootd photo (against the blue wall). You know, I've been reading your blog on and off for almost 9 years and I'm surprised you're still regularly blogging now!