Sunday, April 12, 2020

Easy Recipes for Two

I have been cooking a bit more than usual during this circuit breaker period and here are some simple recipes to share!

Circuit Breaker Day 2

These dishes are super easy!

Curry Chicken Wings + Potatoes
1) Boil curry paste + water
2) Add the wings and potatoes
3) Add coconut milk

Stirfry Veggie with Minced Garlic
1) Heat oil, fry minced garlic
2) Fry veggies

Steamed Tofu topped with Black Bean sauce
1) Top tofu with black bean sauce
2) steam in rice cooker when cooking rice

Chicken wings $2, potatoes $0.60, veggies $1, tofu $0.95. The curry, coconut milk and black bean sauce though, are more expensive than the main ingredients itself. Haha.

Circuit Breaker Day 3

Mum cooked this for lunch and I really wanted to eat it but cannot because we don’t live together :( Craved for it so much that I cooked it myself! Asked her for the recipe over whatsapp and she didn't give me exact measurements but it turned out tasting the same as hers. Yay!

1) Marinate minced pork with salt, light soy sauce, dark sauce, flour, and pepper
2) Fry minced garlic, marinated meat, and sliced fish cake
3) After meat is almost cooked, add in 1 packet of mee tai mak, add some salt, light soy sauce, and dark sauce.

We like it savoury more than sweet, so we put less dark sauce!

Circuit Breaker Day 4

This one is the most easy one! Chicken, potato, button mushrooms, and tomato boiled in Heinz chicken broth.


Circuit Breaker Day 5

Ok this one has more steps, but still quite easy!

Salmon in Garlic Butter Sauce

1) Marinate salmon with a pinch of salt
2) Pan fry salmon, put aside when cooked.
3) Heat 100g block of butter, stir fry with 2 teaspoon minced garlic and 1x chopped onions
4) Throw in sliced shiitake mushrooms and some chicken broth - not too much otherwise the sauce will be more soupy than creamy. Note: Most recipes out there used white wine but I don't have so I replaced with chicken broth.
5) Lastly, add in the 200g cooking cream which will thicken the sauce, and then it's ready!

As for the sides, I placed asparagus and cubed potatoes in the oven with butter.

That's all for today, I hope you like these recipes.

Take care everybody!

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