Friday, October 20, 2017

Birthday Staycation

The husband booked a weekend staycation at Naumi Liora for part two of my birthday celebration! (Part one here -

Naumi Liora is a boutique hotel full of character. The contemporary interior with its chinese townhouse facade is centrally located at Keong Siak Road, well known for its rich heritage.

He booked the porch room, which comes with an outdoor area.

Finally went out for late lunch at Potato Head opposite the hotel. There are plenty of other eateries around the area too!

The truffle cheese fries are da bomb. The hamburger is yummy too.

Went back to the hotel to rest before we headed out for Korean BBQ dinner.

The next morning, I was craving for toast so we had tradional breakfast at Keong Saik Bakery.

After that we picked his mum up for our favourite ramen! :)

Weekend well spent!

Gotta clear up my travel backlogs soon! One of them goes way back to almost a year ago already :x

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