Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Berjaya Tioman Resort Diving Trip

Followed the husband and his friends to Tioman for a short diving weekend last month! With the exception of Maldives, this is the first time I'm tagging along with him on his diving trip!

We set off on Friday straight after work and took a mini bus into Malaysia, and then all the way to Mersing, before changing into a small speedboat which led us out to the middle of the sea to change into a bigger ferry that got us to Tioman. By the time we reached our resort, it was around 3am! I must say the journey was extremely tiring (traveling long distances in the bus) and uncomfortable (strong fan blowing constantly at me in the ferry -_-), to the point that I questioned myself why didn't I just stayed at home.

Well, all became better in the morning!

Berjaya is supposedly the best resort on Tioman island but honestly it just feels like chalet to me. Haha. I can't imagine what the other resorts are like.

Right after breakfast, we went onto the diving boat and spent the whole morning and afternoon onboard! As I don't dive, I was basically just wasting my time there. Haha. Slept abit, read some magazines, watched some videos on the phone and repeat.

Took the chance to selfie abit!

After heading back to shore, we went for our much-awaited dinner buffet at the resort!

The guys were talking about ramly burger so we decided to head out for more food after dinner!

Quite intrigued by this BBQ seafood stall beside the eatery we stopped at. We ordered a fish to share and was told that it was just caught and sold to the stall 2-3 hours ago! It wasn't just BBQ-ed, the guy marinated it with some spices before BBQ-ing. I even saw him cut some leaves from the plant behind him! Haha. A pity the fish still turned out tasteless in the end, but it was indeed very fresh! The rest of the food was good!

Dropped by a local mama shop and the ramly burger stall which was a disappointment because the ramly burger a bit dry. I think also because we were not hungry anymore by then after two full dinners one after another.

The next day, breakfast by the pool and then it was time for the long journey back to Singapore again!

In my $10 swimsuit from Cotton On! It was on sale!

Back at Mersing, we tried another ramly burger stall and this time it was so much better.

I love group trips like this so I hope we can go on more holidays together with our friends in future~

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