Thursday, July 27, 2017

Lobster Porridge at Wan He Lou

I just had an exceptionally satisfying and yummy weekend! Discovered four restaurants that I believe I would definitely go back again!

We had a great start to the weekend at Wan He Lou for lunch on Saturday, then Korean BBQ at Ju Shin Jung (omg why did I only find this place now? Best Korean BBQ ever!), Sunday dinner with my family at a value-for-money steamboat place in Downtown East (super good deal for the variety), and Beauty in a Pot with the girls on Monday night! Technically Monday is not weekend but it's continuous good food since the weekend!

Blogging about Wan He Lou today! Highlight is definitely their signature lobster porridge but the rest of the dishes were delicious too.

We started off with this plate of baked xiao long bao! Juicy skin with a juicy filling, a slight twist to the usual steamed ones.

Honestly I wasn't particularly interested at the Pan Fried Kurobuta Pork when it was served because it looked like any other plate of zhi-char stir fry but wow wow wow, besides being really delicious, the meat is very tender and has the perfect chew. Not sure how to describe but it's really surprising how a simple dish like this can be so good. It's a definite order for me on my next visit!

Crispy Lotus Root with Salted Egg! Unlike most popular options that go with Salted Egg (e.g. pork ribs, luncheon meat, fried chicken wings, etc), lotus root is a healthier and less oily alternative for those who love anything salted egg yolk. Thinly sliced and with the right amount of salted egg, I like how it's not like the usual creamy salted egg yolk, which made it so easy for me to eat slice after slice. So addictive! If only they sell it in snack packs!

Scallop with Cheesy Black Truffle Sauce, one of their National Day specials - it didn't have a strong truffle flavour during my visit but still yummy nevertheless. Scallop and melted cheese never goes wrong.

Another National Day Special, the Chilli Crab Pate paired with Poached Langustine features fresh prawns with our countries' signature chilli crab sauce. Their take on the sauce is mostly spicy with a tinge of tangy and sweetness.

And on to the highlight - THE SIGNATURE LOBSTER PORRIDGE. I was honestly not expecting much because I generally like anything with lobsters. The soup definitely won us over at first sip - I am not exaggerating. This must be the best lobster broth I ever had. I want to go back for more!

The description on their website is exactly what it is: The porridge is cooked Teochew style with loose rice grains swimming in rich golden soup enhanced with lobster roe and accompanied by bright springy lobster. A blanket of fresh spring onions completes the dish, resulting in a dish that is comforting and yet fresh without being too rich.

Love the presentation of this lovely coconut dessert, which is coconut pudding topped with coconut ice cream in a coconut! It was a lovely end to our awesome lunch.

Conveniently located at the heart of Jalan Besar, the restaurant has a cosy and casual vibe offering the best of Chinese cuisine at the most affordable prices.

I would surely recommend Wan He Lou for good chinese cuisine, perfect for family gatherings! Already made plans with Clare to have dinner there on our next meet up and even the husband was so impressed that he suggested to go there for our next family dinner.

I have two $20 vouchers to give away to two lucky winners! Follow me on instagram and like the photo of the lobster porridge to win!

65 Maude Road (S) 208347
+65-6294 8057   +65-9138 6330

Opening Hours
Monday - Sunday

Lunch: 11am to 2:30pm
Dinner: 5am to 10:30pm

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